Enterprise Monitoring With Google Calendar!

Google Calendar is the hottest thing these days but we at TruePath Technologies wanted to take it to next level and incorporate monitoring (while we wait to get bought out by Google - hehe). Check it out and let us know what you think!

We've Been Dugg! Hang in there while we try and handle all of these hits.

Hey Google! You like? We've got more (big ideas) that we haven't posted....Call us.

Getting Starting : By using Google's new Calendar API, you can insert events from your NMS (other) server into various Google calendars. These could be events from SNMP, ticket system, Nagios, scripts or even by hand! Use it to show upcoming/planned outages. The benefits of having your events in this format are HUGE! Common format, sharing, searching, viewing, invites....Some day even on your phone or in your car.

Event Categories: Google allows you to create endless(?) number of calendars. While we are using Normal, Minor, Major and Critical you can expand this to anything you like. Even create NonComputer categories (er' calendars) like "Who's On Call", "Planned Outages", etc.

Only The Bad: Sorting/Viewing your events is easily done using 'Calendars' drop-down on the left. By simply unchecking the Normal and Planned Outages we can quickly see our past issues.

Chat and Invite: Invite (assign) people to outages using the Invite/Guests option. Discuss the event/outage by inserting comments. Nice way of keeping notes that everyone can read and add to.

Sharing: This is where it gets good. Most monitoring pkgs/sw would require some type of sw setup, firewalls, ports, etc., to see/share your events. In this setup you only need to have your users grab/use the closest RSS feeder and you're done! When google does create a url based system, this gets even better.

Page Flakes: In this example we use PageFlakes' start page with our (private) RSS feed.

24 Eyes: In this example we use 24 Eyes' start page with our (private) RSS feed.

Let us know what you think!




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